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We Can All Grow As Educators

Eagles Educate Annual Mini Conference

Excitement, enthusiasm, and a little nervous energy! The pre-service teachers at the Florida Gulf Coast University’s (FGCU) Eagles Educate Annual Mini Conference reminded me of how I felt many years ago when I began teaching. We all feel these emotions, and it is important that we don’t allow our nerves to keep us from acting in the best interests of our students.

I learned this lesson early in my career with a senior named Cassius who often disrupted class. It took me two months to gain the courage to call home because I was afraid of the reaction I would receive. When I finally contacted his mom, she was completely supportive and Cassius’ bad behavior was eliminated quickly. By working together, we achieved the best outcome for all involved, but I had spent two months feeling anxious for no reason. I swore I would never do that again!

Attending breakout sessions with these FGCU students brought me back to Room 124 at Southwest Dekalb High School and the hesitancy I felt making that call. However, thanks to my interactions with Cassius’ mom and the countless positive experiences that followed, I felt eager to learn, not intimidated, and I asked questions alongside the FGCU pre-service teachers.

I am so glad I did because the school’s alumni did a terrific job leading the sessions, and I left with inspiring lessons to share with you. So, please #LearnWithMe!