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good news monday

At Leesburg High School, we begin each math class with

Good News.  I use this strategy to build strong relationships with my students.  Not only does sharing personal news benefit the teacher-student relationship, but it also helps students connect with each other.  We are a family at LHS, and good relationships are key to a more collaborative culture and high student achievement. 


Every student has a story to share.  Emphasizing the importance of their stories opens the door for students to feel confident in asking academic questions and also confide in me about their personal struggles.  Students know we genuinely care for one another and work hard in class to improve their academic performance and their future.

As the 2018 Florida Teacher of the Year, I am continuing this tradition by starting each week with #GoodNewsMonday!

This week's good news:

When you are able to share who you are with someone, it opens the door for a connection with that person.

Flip Flippen, Captivating Kids’ Hearts 

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