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My Children's Impactful Teachers

Since my children graduated from high school and left home to pursue their dreams, it has been hard to get everyone home at the same time. This year, all four of my children were able to travel home for spring break. Having them all together reminded me of how unique each child is and, for the three who are teachers, how unique their classrooms must be as well. Being intrigued by the many different classrooms I have visited across the State of Florida, I decided to ask them individually how their educational experiences and teachers have impacted their instructional practices.

Take a look at what they had to say:

Robbie, Mathematics Teacher at Carver Middle School, Leesburg, Florida

Bill Carter, 8th grade math and Algebra 1 Honors, Carver Middle School, Leesburg, Florida

I loved how Mr. Carter taught mathematics using music. His passion and gifts made math interesting every day. Turning the song “YMCA” into “Y=X” to teach